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Natural Reflection by Swarovski marks a new generation of marcasite. With its metallic modernity and dynamic, shimmering finish, the all-natural mineral, iron pyrite, has now been revitalized and reinvented. With Natural Reflection, Swarovski has applied precision cutting, artistry and ingenuity to transform maracasite into the material of the moment. Natural Reflection finds a new, contemporary expression for this genuine, precious mineral, maximizing its natural qualities and intense individuality, its unique fusion of gemstone and metal. Swarovski's Natural Reflection highlights the architectural elegance of the crystalline structure of marcasite, playing with the depths of its opacity, and exploring the possibilities of its golden gleam through new and scintillating surface innovations. With Natural Reflection, Swarovski reveals the innermost secrets of marcasite’s rich iridescence. Glimmering, striking, and avant-garde, Natural Reflection is a touch of modern brilliance.

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