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Swarovski Zirconia Catalog

Swarovski Zirconia is in a class of its own. Each of our zirconia stones shines with the quality and craftsmanship you can expect from our brand.

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Inspired by the fluid movement of water and the gentle lapping of waves, the clear stones gleam with an exceptional luminosity.

Zirconia from Swarovski Video

With the same brilliance as natural diamonds, Swarovski’s Zirconia stands the test of time and style, proving to be every woman’s perfect match.  

ZirConia Purplish Pink Video

Opening up even more perfect design possibilities, the new Swarovski Zirconia shade Purplish Pink combines a pale lilac radiance with a spark of pink warmth.

Zirconia Greyish Blue VIDEO

Greyish Blue enters into the calm and compelling realm of pastel blue hues, a shade closest to the serenity of light blue sapphires.

Leaf Cut Video

Taking inspiration from delicate spring leaves and flower petals, the Swarovski Zirconia Leaf Cut is uniting the beauty of both in one pure design statement.

Side View Cut Video

The facets of Swarovski Zirconia’s contemporary Side Cut delineate the exact geometric outline of the diamond emoji symbol, everyone's idea a typical diamond.

Violet Cut Video

Capturing all the heady allure of a violet in full bloom, this new cut is a must for the contemporary jewelry designer’s palette.

Zirconia Fancy Morganite VIDEO

Shining with light, love and optimism, it is the perfect shade for special occasion jewelry pieces, yet eminently wearable for everyday designs too.

Zirconia Spring Green Video

Unmatched in its vibrancy, SPRING GREEN bursts with energy and the beauty of nature. For on-trend adornment with wide appeal, combine Spring Green Zirconia with yellow gold.

Octagon Sun Cut Video

A stylish update on the octagon cut, its eight-sided design reflects the mood for octagonal shapes in fashion and interiors, finding harmony in symmetry.

Zirconia From Swarovski Teaser Clip

As brilliant as a diamond. Look for the Zirconia from Swarovski seal: not only a symbol of authenticity, but a promise of exceptional quality.

Round Checkerboard Cut Video

Inspired by retro aesthetics, this attractive cut puts a geometric twist on the enduringly classic round stone to create a modern classic with timeless intrigue.