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Continuing to support today’s jewelry designers with practical solutions, Swarovski Gemstones introduces the Melt Setting Application technique.


Applying that special luxurious touch with Swarovski  Stones around the bezel could not be easier with the simple Swarovski Jewelchain Application.

Casting In place

Watch the video and discover how casting in place/lost wax casting works.

Glueable Presettings

This instructional video unlocks the secrets of how to use the application to enhance the design procedure and open up creative possibilities.

Clickable Presettings

A quick, easy and effective setting, the application allows jewelry designers more time to explore even more creative possibilities.

Sandwich Setting

The Sandwich Setting is the perfect solution for designers wanting to explore application possibilities with jewelry and personal devices and electronics.


Discover the CNC application process from Swarovski Genuine Gemstones.


Get Designs Moving With Swarovski Gemstones Gemotion Application

Bezel Setting

The Bezel Setting Application is a simple, elegant and efficient way of adding another interesting dimension to today’s jewelry designer’s toolbox.