Owndays, the fast expanding on-trend brand of eyewear from Japan, is presently making a splash with a new line of eyeglasses ‘Made with Swarovski Zirconia’.  Founded in 2001 and re-launched in 2008 by its current president and CEO, Shuji Tanaka, Owndays now offers 25 distinct brands, yet this is the very first to join a minimalist esthetic to the special sparkle of Swarovski.  Each Owndays brand is a collaboration with various other brands, designers and/or animation characters. They are available at 104 shops throughout Japan and in retail outlets throughout the Asian Pacific region in China, Okinawa, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia and Australia. They may also be purchased online.  

Originally Owndays was applying the stones with glue, but now this new sparkling eyewear brand is profiting from Swarovski’s Clickable Presettings.  Owndays was initially introduced to this unique application technique through the new segment brochure, ‘Applications & Inspirations’ issued by the segment management team. Additional support helped the company to embrace Clickable Presettings thereby enabling it to enhance its production system.  This glue-less application process is elegant in its simplicity, a hole is drilled into the material and the presetting placed and then pushed into it with a pair of tweezers.  With this one click, the setting process is already complete.