Exquisitely crafted and with an inordinate attention to detail, Swarovski has recognized that the tiara currently occupies a unique place in the field of bridge and fine jewelry. For craftsmen, it is nothing less than a master class in jewelry making, testing the talent and passion of its creators to the very limits of their artistry. Reimagining these very special jewelry pieces connects designers to an historical line right back to our distant cultural beginnings. Ever since adorning the heads of ancient royalty, the fashion of wearing a tiara to mark a special occasion quickly spread out into the wider worlds of the rich and famous. It was then extended to all those seeking to achieve that same heady glamour in their own lives. It is not surprising that the Bridal sector has now chosen to embrace the tiara, which perfectly complements its own heightened sense of celebration. To achieve this, the tiara has become the perfect setting for Swarovski’s own extensive range of genuine gemstones and created stones, which always impart their own brand of radiant sophistication, ready to inspire and serve both the jewelry creator and the bride’s vision.