Masters of staying ahead of the curve, Swarovski trend experts work tirelessly to identify the emerging trends in society that will be influencing our future lifestyle choices. One major theme that they have been observing with growing interest is mindfulness, a characteristic of consciousness long believed to promote wellbeing. With mindfulness becoming particularly dominant as this year progresses, the fine and bridge jewelry sectors are turning increasingly to pieces capable of anchoring attention to the internal and external experiences of the here and now. The desire for jewelry pieces evoking good spirits or protecting the wearer from evil, that has been seen growing since the millennium, is consequently at an all time high. Jewelry designers and manufacturers are delving ever deeper into mysticism, seeking their inspiration in the symbolism inherent in astronomy and astrology to create cosmic jewelry designs often targeting the young millennial market.  

Playing a central role in this stellar development is a re-emergence of the signs of the zodiac along with their associated wealth of meanings.  Designers are mining this rich inspirational source to offer the wearer highly personalized jewelry choices ranging from a subtle accent to a grand statement piece.  An excellent example of this trend is the new DOLCE FESTA collection of twelve zodiac necklaces from the Japanese jewelry brand Kuwayama.  All feature variously colored Swarovski Genuine Topaz and Swarovski Genuine Peridot stones delicately set in 10k yellow gold.  Based on the actual star formations as seen in the night sky, the designs are fashioned out of the gemstones in combination with filigreed clusters of gold and enameled stars.  From Aries to Pieces, the DOLCE FESTA collection is perfectly on-trend with a star sign jewelry piece for everyone. Discover the universe!