They, in turn are passed to a sister whose relative is a talented goldsmith, who takes the jewels and creates a ring. The ring, upon the death of the sister, goes to her nephew as treasured emotional symbol that marks the lives of three beloved relatives. Or perhaps the special piece is a gold ring set with rhodolite, a masculine piece inherited by a daughter after the death of her father.  Later gifted to her own daughter, the ring now unites three generations, reaching across time to speak to a granddaughter of the grandfather she never knew. 

Such heirloom pieces are tangible links in a wider family history. They transcend being a valuable item and instead become irreplaceable personal companions.  Many people never think of leaving home without that one piece of deeply meaningful jewelry. Some become talismans, good luck charms for sportspeople who would never compete without wearing them. Such jewelry is an integral part of their identity; its loss would be a personal catastrophe. The piece is no longer a possession or something to express status or style; it is something more powerful, a totemic object that taps into the emotions of the wearer. Life enhancing jewelry pieces depend upon classic designs and iconic shapes with timeless appeal. Pieces that can be personalized through interchangeable elements such as charms and lockets, or that can be engraved are often destined to become a future heirloom. The selection of the piece is as significant as the occasion it marks. To make the right choice, the consumer should always feel comfortable and well advised. They should also have the assurance that any future needs will be met with the highest quality of customer service. 


The message for jewelry designers and retailers is clear: a renewed commitment to essential storytelling has always been an integral part of crafting jewelry pieces created with fine gemstones. It is also essential to consider that future treasures are often chosen for private emotional reasons, some of which are purely instinct and may be difficult to express. When items are chosen for their emotional value rather than monetary worth, the experience of selecting jewelry is not about elitism; instead it needs to be interactive, immersive and deeply relevant.  It can also create an immediate bond between those entrusted to offer such pieces and the consumer whose task it is to take a first step in a very personal journey.

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